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Pole Dancing

Pole Fitness classes have been designed to help you develop a strong core and sculpt your tummy whilst also building your upper body strength. Pole Fitness classes will help you reach your weight loss goal as it is the perfect combination of cardio and resistance training.

During my Pole Fitness classes you can be sure to have a full body workout in a fun and relaxed environment.

Our instructor


My name is Lucie and I have over 11 years of Pole dancing experience.
I have trained and participated in Pole Camps around the world amongst some of the best Pole Dancers (ie: Alessandra Marchetti ; Saulo Sarmiento ; Vanessa Clack ; Heidi Cooker ; Michelle Shimmy ; Kelly Yvonne ; Marlo Fisken …).
During my classes, you can be sure I will make you feel at ease but also get the sexiness out of you, whilst building that strength and confidence to achieve that trick you habe

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